What is Flexi Betting ?

Flexi betting is an item which permits bettors to take a chose extraordinary bet type which has various blends however where you can pick an expense you are OK with.

On the off chance that you just wished to burn through $15 on your crate trifecta yet needed to choose four horses, this wasn’t possible as a standard four horse box trifecta costs $24. With flexi betting, you can box similar four horses and cost just $15.

You can do this because of taking just a level of the full trifecta, for this situation, 62.50%. On the off chance that your trifecta won in this situation, you would be qualified for 62.50% of the triumphant profit. For instance, if the triumphant profit was $200, this triumphant ticket would be valued at $135.

The flexi level of your bet can be dictated by isolating your cost by the measure of mixes your intriguing bet has. For this situation, $15 cost รท 24 blends = 62.50%.

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